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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Lunafication of the World


The start of LUNA Sandals can be traced back to March 2006 on the day Manuel Luna made me my first pair of huaraches.  By 2007, I was able to run the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon in the first LUNAS that I made myself with Vibram soling material.  Things really got fully underway when I was joined by co-founders Scott & Bookis Smuin and moved from my garage to the "Factory" on Capitol Hill in Seattle in 2010. Since then, LUNA has singlehandedly jump-started the age-old tradition of making minimalist adventure sandals by hand, and through hard work and constant vigilance we are continually improving on a classic piece of footwear. 

Like surfers making surfboards, we hone our sandals and refine them. Form, function, style, durability, comfort and ease-of-use, all these things go into making LUNAS by hand in Seattle. We proudly carry on a sandal making tradition that extends back into pre-history, the sandal likely being one of the oldest human inventions, the first manmade vehicle if you will. 

I'm proud to say that LUNAS have now become a worldwide brand.  We are actively building our ability to supply retailers in countries all over the world including: Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Canada and Germany, with many more to come.  Our goal is to remain a Seattle made sandal so that we can focus on the quality of both the sandals and the working/living conditions. 

Of course, LUNAS can always be ordered online here:  We ship LUNAS to Lunar Monkeys aka "Lunatics" who live all over the known universe.  ¬°Gracias!

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